Workshop Overview


In large-scale software projects that increasingly adopt service-oriented software architecture and technologies, availability of sound systems engineering principles, -methodology as well as -tools for service-oriented applications is mission-critical for project success. However, engineering service-oriented applications poses specific requirements that differ from traditional software engineering and service systems engineering (SSE) is not yet established. Consequently, there is an urgent need for research community and industry practitioners to develop comprehensive engineering principles, methodologies and tool support for the entire software development lifecycle of service-oriented applications.

The WESOA series of workshops addresses challenges of service systems engineering that arise from unique characteristics of service-oriented applications. Service-oriented applications closely resemble the organisation principles of their application domains that are often process-driven networks. They are compositions of service system components that are provided by autonomous stakeholders based on unique assets and capabilities.  Therefore, service-oriented applications often have a social dimension and can be regarded as constituents of social service communities. It is the challenge of service systems engineering to not only cope with these specific circumstances but to capitalise on them with radically new approaches. The  WESOA series addresses these challenges and particularly concentrates on the aspects of service-oriented analysis and design that provide principles methodology and tool support to capture the characteristic requirements of networked service communities and transform them into reusable high-quality service system designs that underpin and drive the holistic service-oriented development lifecycle.



WESOA Series

WESOA'08 continues a successful series of former ICSOC workshops. During the past three editions, WESOA has demonstrated its relevance by constant high numbers of contributions and participants. Its impact is documented by consistent output of high-quality papers.

Former Events

  1. WESC’05

  2. WESOA’06

  3. WESOA’07


WESOA proceedings are published in LNCS


WESOA 2008 encourages a multidisciplinary perspective and welcomes papers that address challenges of service-oriented systems engineering, analysis and design in general or in the context of specific domains. Workshop topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Service systems development lifecycle methodologies

  2. Service-oriented reference models and modelling frameworks

  3. Service-oriented analysis and design patterns

  4. Models, languages and methods for service-oriented domain analysis

  5. Analysis and design for service-based organisations, social networks and communities

  6. Requirements-engineering for service systems

  7. Service-oriented business processes modelling

  8. Engineering methods for design of reusable and composable services

  9. Service-oriented analysis and design for grid and cloud computing

  10. Architectural styles and standards for service systems

  11. Contract and policy design for service systems

  12. Design of service systems choreography and orchestration

  13. Service assembly, composition and aggregation models and languages

  14. Validation and verification of service systems

  15. Tools support for analysis and design of service systems

  16. Model-driven SOA and service systems development

  17. Case studies and best practices of service-oriented analysis, design and development

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